Spotlight on Rosemary & Bay .

Spotlight on Rosemary & Bay .

Both 100 % pure essential oils. Extracted via steam distillation from the finest natural herbs.These two popular kitchen herbs 🌿 are free from any “synthetic s” and are NOT tested on animals.

Rosemary ~rosamarinus officinalis 

Rosemary is extracted from the thick leathery leaves of the rosemary bush.

It has a medium to strong aroma that is both clear and penetrating to the senses . Whilst invigorating and strengthening the mind, it helps to enliven brain cells, aid memory and clear the head.

Good for brightening general dullness and lethargy.

Bay~ laurus nobilis 

This essential oil is also steam distilled from the thick, glossy evergreen leaves of the bay tree.

Bay laurel essential oil carries a strong aromatic scent and works as a powerful natural healer. It is known as a warming oil and is favoured during the winter months.

Historically Bay leaves have been popular with the Romans who say Bay is a symbol of wisdom,peace,and security. The Latin word “laudis “ means “to praise “ which is why victors at Olympic Games were presented with a laurel (Bay) wreath.😊

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