Spotlight on Rosemary & Bay

  • Spotlight on Rosemary & Bay .

    Spotlight on Rosemary & Bay .


    This year I thought I would shine a spotlight( not literally) on some of the essential oils I use to produce “ Pure Wight Soy Candles”

    So first up is “ Rosemary & Bay” 

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  • Why choose a Pure Wight soy wax candle?


    Derived from the soya bean, soy wax comes from a 100% renewable and sustainable source.  Cleaner BurningSoy wax, unlike paraffin wax found in most candles, contains no toxins, carcinogens, or allergens. So, is less likely to trigger allergies, is pet friendly and there is no release of carbon soot. Longer LastingSoy wax burns at a lower temperature, generally lasting 30-50% longer than a paraffin wax candle. Biodegradable Cleans up easily with soap and water.  Natural WicksPure Wight Soy Candles only use natural cotton and paper wicks too, with no added dyes, making Pure Wight Soy Candles the organic choice.

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  • Bembridge: a Butchers, a Bakers and Me, The Candle-Maker


    All Pure Wight products are individually hand-poured in the beautiful village of Bembridge on the Isle of Wight. Bembridge is thought to be the largest village in England and is set on the eastern coast of the island. It boasts the only surviving windmill on the Isle of Wight, has a thriving village centre, harbour, lifeboat station, sailing clubs and some fabulous coastal walks. I have been lucky enough to live here and raise my family over twenty years and am privileged to be able to continue working in this wonderful village; home to a butchers, a bakers and me, the candle maker!...

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